Microsoft has discovered and owns the Xbox, a popular video gaming brand. It offers five video game systems and is a highly well-known gaming company. This gaming brand also has important features that easily attract players. On the other hand, the full meaning of PS4 is PlayStation 4, which is another video gaming brand. This video game brand is made by Sony Computer Entertainment.

To add your Xbox video gaming brand user friend to your PlayStation 4 game brand, you need to invite your friend. The inviting process is not very tough. It is very easy if you have done all the steps of inviting perfectly. 

Are you a PS4 brand user and your friend is an Xbox brand user? And you want to add your friend to your PS4 video gaming brand to make your game more enjoyable. You must read the instructions I’ve provided in my article, which are listed below. 

The friend adding process from Xbox to PS4

Suppose you are a PS4 user and want to add your friend to your video game. But you noticed that your friend is already an Xbox brand user. For this reason, you may be worried a little bit and want to know the adding process. Considering that it is achievable, there is no need to stress. You can easily come to know it. How do you add Xbox friends on PS4?

The Xbox brand and the PS4 brand are two different video gaming brands. That’s why they have some different features from each other. The Xbox brand allows ten friends to play at a time, while PSN allows only four friends to play the game together.

The adding process from Xbox to ps4 is –

First step

Your friend is an Xbox video gaming brand user, and you want to add your friend to your PS4 account. Using the following methods that are shown below in the picture, you can easily add your friend to your account. So first, you need to open your account settings.

Second step

After going to your account, you notice that there is a page like a picture that is given above. When you see that cross-play is enabled, that means you can connect to another gaming system. It also means you can now connect with your friends who are Xbox users.

Third step

Now, you need to click the “add friends” option. You need to go there and also need to add a friend. Before adding your friend, you need to notice the activation account of every user. 

Every player has the name of their master account. And for that reason, you must choose your friends’ master names. Then you send a friend request to your friend.

Last step

When you confirm that your friend is active, you are just completing the process of sending a request to him. Then, your friend gets a notification for accepting your request. When he accepts your request, you will see a page on your screen like the above picture. And you can also see your active friends. After completing it, you can now play with your friend.

Final word

You are now able to know the process of how to add Xbox friends on PS4. You can play and enjoy with your friends and also get many happy moments. These moments give you sweet memories. 

That’s why you do not feel any tension about adding your friend who is an Xbox user. On the PS4, adding friends from Xbox is a simple and quick procedure. So now enjoyably play with your Xbox video gaming brand user friend.

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