What is L3 on Xbox?

What is L3 on Xbox

L3 on Xbox signifies the left analog stick or joystick of the Xbox controller. There are some features and button functionality of any game console controller. The Xbox controller has these applications too. There are two analog sticks attached to an Xbox controller. They are the left and right analog joysticks. A controller’s L3, or

When do Xbox game pass quests reset?

When do Xbox Game Pass quests reset

Do you know that you can earn a great number of Microsoft reward points? Yes, you can earn a lot of Microsoft reward points by just playing video games. It is a wonderful thing, and you will really be satisfied with it. The resetting process is a kind of process that removes all firmware updates


How to add Xbox friends on PS4

Microsoft has discovered and owns the Xbox, a popular video gaming brand. It offers five video game systems and is a highly well-known gaming company. This gaming brand also has important features that easily attract players. On the other hand, the full meaning of PS4 is PlayStation 4, which is another video gaming brand. This