How To Replace Xbox One Controller Thumbstick Module?

For playing the Xbox games, every player needs a controller for controlling their game. The thumbstick module is an important part of these controllers. When you find any errors in your thumbstick, you need to repair them. Otherwise, your game controller will not work perfectly.

You can repair it at your nearby mechanic shop or mechanic, which are available in your nearby markets. It is quite costly because you need to pay the mechanic to repair it. On the other hand, you will be able to repair your thumbstick by yourself just by following some steps.

Now you are confused about how to replace the Xbox One controller thumbstick module. Don’t be tense, because here I am providing all the processes for repairing your thumbstick. Just follow the given process and do it step by step so that you can repair your game controllers.

The methods that you need to follow to replace the Xbox One controller thumbstick module

It’s quite simple to replace the Xbox One controller thumbstick module. 

First process

If you want to repair your controllers you need a t8 security Torx screwdriver bit like this image. 

Second process

There you go, that’s a t8 security Torx bit. The Xbox One is the controller. First, get rid of the battery once. Then when you get the batteries out perfectly then you are going to need to peel the sticker. The warranty sticker that you can see in the image is given below.

I suggest you do it so carefully and you can use Stanley a sharp blade for trying to peel off this stickier. When you complete your task, you will see the first security screw right there in the middle. Next, you will notice that there are two plastic panels on either side.

 Now you need a sponge of some sort to open it. You always need to try and get it in the corner just here first. Since it is constructed of plastic, you must be careful when attempting to open it. I suggest you create a gap like a picture that I am giving you below.

After creating this gap, just push it up and it will come away, revealing t8 security smooth air. Now you find another ta screw just at the top. After completing the first step, you need to repeat this process on the other side to unlock the next one. When you complete your next task, you’ll find the five screws like in the given picture.

Third process

You must now gently remove every screw. At first, you can start from the middle screw. After getting out of this screw, you have to remove other screws step by step. When you can get all the screws out, it’s just a case of laying it flat. Then you need to take the shell off and expose the inner part of it. You will find the inner part like in the picture.

After completing it, you need to expose the thumbstick and just pull it off. Now pop your new ones on there. They can only go one way. So just try and feel it into position. Then just push it down and it makes one click. Remember, don’t push it too hard. So place it on there to feel the little groove. It fits in one click and it’s done. You can replace the shell. You just need to push it over and it will fit nicely.

Now you need to turn on your Xbox One controller. After that, you need to set up all the screws that you got out of it. Firstly, you can start your task from the middle, underneath the battery compartment side. Then you have to tighten all the screws step by step.  

Last process

After finishing your work, you need to set the plastic that is used to cover it. So cover the right one and then the left one carefully.  Put it on the far side, then just click it back into place. Like on the other side, you should cover it with plastic. After fixing your plastic on the Xbox One controller, you need to set up the warranty sticker in the right place. Get the warranty sticker, and place it back in the right place when you get back in.

End talk

It is very important for a player to repair his controllers perfectly. The thumbstick is an important part of the Xbox game controllers. That’s why you need to know how to replace the Xbox One controller thumbstick module.

In my article, I perfectly explain all the repair processes with pictures so that you can easily repair your thumbstick without taking any help from others like mechanics. As a result, you can save your money and also get a huge amount of knowledge about your box gaming controllers.  I assure you that your thumbstick error will be repaired if you follow the above process.

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