What is L3 on Xbox?

L3 on Xbox signifies the left analog stick or joystick of the Xbox controller.

There are some features and button functionality of any game console controller. The Xbox controller has these applications too. There are two analog sticks attached to an Xbox controller. They are the left and right analog joysticks.

A controller’s L3, or left analog stick, controls the character’s movement in a game. It includes the character’s movement in different directions, navigating, walking, etc. It may control the character’s equipment, like using a shooting gun in an action game.

Stick with us to find out more fascinating characteristics of this joystick.

L3 on Xbox

Your curious mind might want to know why it is called L3 in particular. Why not L1 or L2? It is an expected question, and it has a logical answer. There are already two buttons named L1 and L2 available. They are the bumpers on the left side of the controller. 

An Xbox controller also has bumpers on its right side. If you guessed R1 and R2, you are right. Not to mention, R3 is the right analog joystick.

Coming back to the L3 on Xbox, it is placed at the far left of an Xbox controller. D-pad sits between the L3 and R3 joysticks. These joysticks are clickable analog sticks. You will hear a clicking sound once you have clicked it properly. 

Clicking the L3 joystick on Xbox is necessary to set a neutral position for the character. It works as the center for the stick. From that position, you can navigate the character’s movement in-game.

If the center position is not set properly, it will cause a common problem called drifting. Drifting can ruin the movements of characters or objects in a game. For example, the character may run in the same direction or at an undesired angle.

Wrap up

Beyond this in-game functionality, the L3 stick does other jobs too. You can use the L3 to scroll through the apps and select items. Though L3’s basic functionality surrounds the character of a game, it functions differently in different games.

L3 on Xbox has a different positioning than Sony’s PlayStation. Xbox implies staggered positioning of the analog sticks, while PlayStation maintains a symmetrical configuration. That is why, unlike on PlayStation, you will find the L3 and R3 joysticks in a more angular position on Xbox.

You can also call these special joysticks thumbsticks, as gamers mostly interact with them with their thumbs.

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