what is the “L” button on xbox controller?

The L button on Xbox controller can denote three things that are left bumper, left trigger, or left joystick.

You won’t find something directly called the L button on Xbox. However, you can notice LB or LT inscribed on it. Here, LB means the bumper placed on the left shoulder of your Xbox controller. LT is the trigger placed just under the LB. You may also call the left joystick the left analog button.

These functional buttons took the name L in them as they all belong to the left side of the controller.

Keep reading to grasp these buttons better or features’ functionality.

The L button on Xbox controller

First, if we start with the shoulder bumper, LB resides on the left side of the Xbox. It also goes by the name L1. The bumpers have actionable functionality in-game. You can use the left-sided bumper in-game, depending on the game criteria. Game genres like action or shooting games have diverse use of it.

Secondly, LT is one of the two trigger buttons. LT has another name that is L2. Interestingly the triggers have a trigger-like shape that you can use with your index finger. Like its name, you can use a trigger mainly for shooting or action games.

Finally, there is the left-sided clickable analog joystick; it has in-game or general interactive use. It places at the top left side of Xbox. This stick is also known as the L3 stick. You can utilize it to shift objects or navigate the character in a game. However, depending on the game, its functionality also varies.

Therefore, you get the idea that the L button on Xbox controller can be any of these three options.

Wrap up

Aside from in-game usage, you can use the L3 for scrolling apps. You can also swap the sticks and change the buttons’ function from settings if needed. In addition, swapping triggers is also possible. To do that, you can check button mapping from the ease of access in the setting of the Xbox.

Besides, you can alternate the sensitivity of L3 too. That way, you can move the game character faster or slower. Nevertheless, we think we have already covered the basic idea behind the L buttons.

To conclude, the L button on Xbox controller fairly suggests one of the three functional buttons mentioned above.

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