When do Xbox game pass quests reset?

Do you know that you can earn a great number of Microsoft reward points? Yes, you can earn a lot of Microsoft reward points by just playing video games. It is a wonderful thing, and you will really be satisfied with it.

The resetting process is a kind of process that removes all firmware updates and restores the original firmware. You realize that you need to earn some Microsoft points to increase your gaming level. Now, you need to reset the Xbox game pass quests.

You will learn all the procedures for when Xbox Game Pass quests reset after reading this page. Also, you are able to know how many ways you can use to reset the quests of the Xbox game pass. What are you thinking? Let’s start to read and get great knowledge about resetting quests. 

The time of resetting quests of Xbox game pass

Do you want to reset the quests of your Xbox game pass? Resetting the Xbox game for your quest is a simple task. Firstly, you need to know how many ways it provides for resetting. Now you probably feel interested and want to know how many ways you can fulfill your needs.

 You have a variety of options for how to reset your game. So, you can reset your game quests daily and earn Microsoft points. Not only daily, but you can also reset them weekly and earn Microsoft points. If you feel bored with daily and weekly reset quests, they also provide you with monthly reset quests. 

Through daily reset quests, you are able to earn 5-5-30 – 300 Microsoft points. Weekly reset quests provide you to earn 150-4 – 600 Microsoft points. When you use the monthly reset quests for your Xbox game pass, you can earn up to 1500 Microsoft points. You will achieve level two by earning just 200 Microsoft points. To reset your Xbox game pass to get more rewards.

The process of Xbox game pass quests is reset

 You can reset the quests of the Xbox game pass on both your mobile and laptop or PC.

 For mobile

 First, you need to download the game “Xbox” on your Android or iOS device. Furthermore, you must log in using your Xbox account. Then you will be able to see all the games on Xbox and download one of them.

Find your account now, then select “viola” as necessary. Then you will be able to see all the quests that you need to turn in. Just click on the button where it says to turn in quests. Moreover, sometimes just by turning in quests, you can achieve other quests.

For PC or laptop

On your laptop or PC, you just open the Game Pass app and find out where the quests are.

They are all the way down underneath all the game passes. It is available and displays a page similar to the image given below.

Then your daily, weekly, or monthly quests expire. You need to reset them. Now you have accrued enough points; you can go to the Microsoft reward page and redeem them. 

After that, you can redeem them with your gift cards. You have a variety of entry options utilizing your Microsoft Rewards points as well.

For your convenience, I am describing all the steps step by step. I am also giving you the information with pictures so that you can easily fulfill your needs.


You can earn a lot of reward points on Microsoft by playing. Enjoyably play those games and get a lot of Microsoft points. You just need to reset the quests on your account of your own choice. And you can take a daily, weekly, or monthly reset process that is comfortable for you. 

You got all the information about your question: when do Xbox Game Pass quests reset? Now just follow the process and reset your Xbox Game Pass quests. After perfectly doing all the processes, you will be able to earn Microsoft points. You also earn the reward and properly use it to increase your game pass level. 

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