Why is Xbox one not connecting to WIFI? [Solved]

You may sometimes discover that your Xbox one is not connecting to WIFI. You can’t use several Xbox One functions if the game device isn’t online and connected to the WIFI. So, it will affect your overall gaming performance. So, now you may ask, why is Xbox one not connecting to WIFI?

Numerous factors might make it difficult for an Xbox One to access WiFi. Due to several Console bugs, your Xbox one may not be connected to the WiFi. Distance and Networking Equipment Problems can also cause this problem. So, what to do if your Xbox one does not connect to the WiFi network?

While searching why is my Xbox one not connecting to WIFI, I found many reasons behind this issue. In this article, I’m going to explore all facts that can cause the Xbox one is not to connect to WIFI. I’ll also describe to you some tricks to fix this problem. So, continue reading this article to solve this issue.

Why is Xbox one not connecting to WIFI?

The Xbox One console might not be able to connect to WIFI or a wireless network for a variety of reasons. Your Xbox one may not connect to WIFI due to Router issues and consoles issues as well. So, let’s take a look at “Why is Xbox one not connecting to WIFI”?

Console bug

The Console bug is the first and foremost reason Why Xbox One is not connecting to WIFI. Console bug in Xbox One is something like a virus on the Desktop. Viruses affect the proper functionalities of a Desktop. In the same way, bugs can affect the Xbox One’s functionalities.

If the console is left operating for a long time, it could have transient bugs. However, a buggy console can create problems connecting your Xbox One to WIFI. Once the console is rebooted, such issues frequently go away.

Distance and Hidden network

The distance range between your Xbox One device and WIFI router can also be the cause of the connection issue. Simply, if the distance between a device and router is longer, the device can’t interact with the network connection. Most Xbox One issues are caused by the distance between the Xbox device and the wireless router.

On the other hand, a wireless router broadcasts the network name to help other devices find it every few moments. Your console might not be able to identify the network if your wireless network administrator has purposefully set it to be invisible. If so, you will need to connect by entering your network information manually.

Networking Equipment Problems

Several WiFi connectivity problems are caused by networking hardware like routers and modems. It is possible that your router or other internet sources, such as a modem, may be damaged for several reasons. Or sometimes your WIFI line provider can stop supplying the internet for some moment. As a result, you can’t connect your Xbox one to WIFI.

Xbox one not connecting to WIFI: How to Fix?

So, after knowing the exact cause for Why is Xbox one not connecting to WIFI, now you should know the solution methods. So, let’s explore how to fix Xbox one not connecting to the WIFI.

Method-01: Improve the Signal of WIFI

Compared to a cable connection, a wireless network is convenient to use but not too reliable. The wireless network can work fine; however, it can suddenly stop working. Poor signal quality is the main reason. Larger objects and long distances between the device and router can create this issue. So, what should you do to improve the WIFI signal?

Solution-01: Place your wireless router and Xbox One device closer to each other.

Solution-02: Remove any large and solid items, such as furniture, from between the device and router. The signal can be weakened by huge objects like ceilings, bookshelves, and walls.

Solution-03: To minimize interference, try positioning the Xbox One and your router as high as possible. Placing the router in a high place will improve the signal quality.

Solution-04: Change the channel of your WiFi network, if possible. Consider swapping to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network if you’re utilizing a 5 GHz connection.

Method-02: Power Cycling Devices

The startup settings that are cached on occasion could be tampered with. The fact that the internet connection cannot be maintained may be caused by these faulty setups. Therefore, in this phase, we will power cycle every device connected to the network in order to clear the cache. So, let’s take a look at the procedure of power cycling Xbox one.

Step-01: You must first unplug the power cable from the router and modem to Xbox one power cycle. After unplugging, leave the router and modem for at least 30 seconds and then plug again.

Step-02: Now, you have to turn off your Xbox One to power cycle Xbox. Remove the Xbox One from the power cable, let it remain without power for at least 1 minute, and then plug it again in.

Step-03: After plugging, turn on your Xbox one, and then you should check the wireless connection.

Step-03: Confirm SSID and Password

Among the essential steps you should do if the Xbox One won’t connect to the WiFi network is to make sure you’re connecting to the appropriate network and using the right password. Follow these steps to confirm that your Xbox One is joining the authorized wireless network:

Step-01: Log in to the router admin panel from your computer or appropriate device and check the SSID and password of your Wireless Connection and note them.

Step-02: Now go to the setting from the system of your Xbox and then click Set up a wireless network to connect Xbox to WiFi.

Step-03: Find the correct SSID you noted, choose it, and enter the same password you noted there. Check to see whether the Xbox One has joined your WiFi network at this point.

Method-04: Switch to Ethernet Cable

Although the WiFi network is fantastic, dealing with it may occasionally be quite annoying because it can lead to several mistakes. These issues are frequent in wireless networks, whether it is because of signal interference or just that the Xbox One won’t connect to WiFi.

However, by switching to an ethernet connection instead of wireless connectivity, you may fix the Xbox One not connecting to WiFi issue. Ethernet cable may be used to access the Xbox One to the internet wirelessly. The majority of problems that arise when utilizing a wireless network are resolved by an Ethernet connection.

Wrap Up

Although WiFi is already included in the Xbox One, it isn’t always reliable. Numerous factors might make it difficult for an Xbox One to access WiFi. Here I discussed some of the reasons that can prevent your Xbox from connecting to the WiFi. You may now know why is Xbox one not connecting to WIFI. However, now you can also fix this issue by following my tricks above.

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